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What is a Stuck Joint / Subluxation / Joint Restriction?

At Impact Injury Center, patient education is one of our top focuses. Along with tight, injured, and impinged soft tissues, we commonly treat “stuck” or “locked” joints.

Chiropractor pinching patient's upper forearm in trigger point therapy

Also known as a subluxation or joint restriction, this is defined as: an abnormal relationship between two adjacent articular structures (joints) that may have functional or pathologic sequelae, causing a change in the biomechanical and/or neurophysiological relationship between these articular structures.

Essentially, joints can acquire restricted movement and become “stuck” due to trauma, repetitive strain injuries, poor ergonomics (posture/biomechanics), or tight dysfunctional muscles. Having a joint that is stuck or fixed in the wrong position can often times cause pain due to compression of the pain receptors (nociceptors).

This can eventually lead to abnormal wearing of the joints, which can cause further pain, discomfort, and degeneration of the spine. Furthermore, this can lead to chronic inflammation and at times radiating pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness.

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At Impact Injury Center, we have a strong belief that the first step in reducing pain and improving function requires treating the injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments in order to take tension off of the spine and other joints. Active Release Techniques®, Functional Range (F.R.) Release Techniques, SFMA, and Graston Technique® are all treatments provided at Impact Injury Center that can get you back to a pain-free and functional life in a short period of time.

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