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Chiropractic Therapy to Relief Back Pain

If you’re struggling with chronic back pain, you may feel as though you’ll never achieve lasting and effective relief. For many people, even prescription medications and surgery fail to address the underlying source of back pain, leaving them with few options to find relief. At Impact Injury Center, we believe in working with each patient to understand their symptoms and develop customized chiropractic treatment plans designed to support their recovery.

Common Causes of Back Pain

There are several incidents or conditions that can trigger back pain. Pulling a muscle or tendon, developing arthritis or osteoporosis, experiencing inflammation, or suffering an injury from a car or workplace accident can all lead to back pain, sensitivity, tenseness, or soreness. While many people suffer from either lower or upper back pain, some cope with pain from the neck all the way down to the tailbone. Unfortunately, forcing your recovery or trying to “push through the pain” often ends up making painful symptoms worse.

Chiropractic Therapy for Back Pain

The dedicated team of experienced chiropractors and healing specialists at Impact Injury Center are committed to helping those suffering from back pain regain comfort and mobility. Chiropractic therapy offers a non-invasive, non-medicinal approach to restoring balance throughout the body. We believe in working with each client to identify their specific needs, from which we can build a customized treatment plan to achieve lasting pain relief.

Serving You With Experience and Compassion

We understand how debilitating chronic back pain can be. If you are suffering from persistent stiffness, soreness, or pain in your back or neck, we’re here to support your physical recovery and promote balance throughout your body. After completing his post-graduate education, Dr. Jeffrey Williams went on to specialize in MRI interpretation and obtain several additional certifications. Our experienced team of healing professionals will always put your needs first, doing everything we can to help you regain mobility and enjoy lasting relief from back pain.

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