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Massage Therapy for Lasting Healing and Pain Relief

Tight and sore muscles can exacerbate feelings of pain and discomfort throughout the body. Sometimes, events like an auto or workplace accident can lead to muscle trauma, such as tearing, strain, or inflammation. It’s also possible that you may not be aware of any specific incident leading to muscle soreness; rather, the accumulation of poor posture, excessive texting, and other habits can create body imbalances and cause muscular discomfort. Impact Injury Center proudly offers a holistic approach to healing, providing customized massage therapy services to help you achieve lasting relief from painful symptoms.

What to Expect From Massage Therapy

Massage therapy uses scientific and evidence-based manual manipulation to promote healing in the body’s soft tissues. Our massage therapists use hands-on techniques to apply pressure to certain muscles and tissues, encouraging them to release and relieve tension and tightness. Massage therapy also aims to increase blood flow throughout the body, reducing muscle tension or flaccidity and promoting tissue healing. Depending on your specific needs, our massage therapists will determine the most effective treatment plan to reduce muscle and tissue stress, pain, and rigidity throughout the body.

Helping You Achieve Lasting Relief

Our highly trained massage therapists help patients find lasting relief from all types of discomfort. We treat people struggling with stress, anxiety, joint pain, headaches, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, workplace injuries, and accident injuries, often adopting a purposeful approach to ensure proper healing. We believe in using a customized therapeutic approach, as we recognize that every client has unique needs. With our extensive educational training and impressive amount of certifications, you can trust that we will always prioritize your well-being as we help your body release, recover, and heal. Reach out today to schedule an appointment with a member of our caring team.

Get Started

Let the experienced massage therapy team at Impact Injury Center support you through the healing process and find lasting pain relief. Call our Newberg office today at (503) 305-6585 to schedule an appointment.