Insurance Coverage

Impact Injury Center accepts most major insurance providers.

Impact Injury Center accepts most personal health insurances, and most of these insurances cover chiropractic care, massage therapy, and exercise rehabilitation. 

Some of the conditions that insurances may cover include: auto accident/whiplash injuries, on-the-job/workplace injuries, and sports injuries. Our staff is happy to take down your insurance information, contact your insurance company, and verify your exact chiropractic benefits. We strive to do this all before your initial appointment.

Auto Insurance in Oregon

In the State of Oregon, anyone–all drivers and all passengers–involved in a motor vehicle collision (MVC) is entitled to seek medical attention, including chiropractic care, massage therapy, and exercise rehabilitation. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is mandatory for most Oregon auto insurance policies, and this covers these services no matter who is at fault for the collision (or even if another vehicle is not involved in the collision). PIP insurance typically covers up to at least $15,000 worth of health care per person for two years from the date of the collision, and this covers medical expenses (including costs and co-pays associated with chiropractic care), medical imaging, lost wages, and out-of-pocket prescription costs.

Impact Injury Center has an excellent relationship with all major auto insurance companies and our friendly, experienced billing team will take care of all of the logistics and details for you. If further questions or complications arise, we can even provide you with a referral to a personal injury attorney.

Workplace Injury Insurance in Oregon

If you are injured while on-the-job, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits in the State of Oregon. If you successfully open a worker’s compensation claim and label your chiropractic physician your “attending physician,” you are typically entitled to up to 18 chiropractic treatments, or 60 days from the date of the filed claim. After these 18 visits or 60 days (whichever comes first), you are required to switch your “attending physician” to a medical doctor (MD) or osteopathic doctor (DO). This new “attending physician” can then refer you back for additional chiropractic treatments, if deemed necessary. You are allowed to change your “attending physician” up to two times throughout this process. Impact Injury Center has a great relationship with local MDs and DOs to make this go as smoothly as possible.

Impact Injury Center accepts most worker’s compensation insurances for on-the-job injuries. Typically, this insurance covers most medical expenses, including costs and co-pays associated with chiropractic care, medical imaging, and lost wages. Our billing team will help you with the logistics and details of this sometimes confusing process, including answering questions on the claims process and ensuring your treatment is properly covered.

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